Tax Classes

Tax Classes


Tax is a kind of contribution by each citizen to the state as a form of mutual cooperation. This tax is imposed not without reasons. Tax plays a role as a form of community responsibility for the benefits that we receives from a country.

It’s not a secret that almost all people know what tax is at this time, but not many people fulfill their tax obligations according to regulations. The reason is, there are those who do not pay taxes because they do not understand their obligations, there are those who understand but find it hard to return their money to the state. Therefore, we would like to build a tax conscious generation for Indonesia, a generation that understands how to contribute love for their nation by doing knowledge sharing through tax classes, seminars and trainings.

Below are what we share in a Tax Classes:

  • Fundamentals of Taxation
  • Income Tax
  • Individual and Corporate Tax
  • Tax Management
  • Withholding Tax and Withholding Tax Accounting
  • Tax Practice and Procedure
  • Estate and Gift Planning



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